310 SW Second Ave.
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301
Best Of


  • Wed-Thu, Sat 9 pm - 4 am Fri 5 pm - 4 am
  • Patio/Sidewalk Dining
Capone's on Himmarshee Street in Fort Lauderdale embodies the sort of one-track-mind nightclub that either keeps you coming back for its consistency or sends you running for some place with at least a shred of personality. Things you can count on from Capone's: DJs playing a stream of Top 40s and in-your-face dance hits and well-endowed dancers in fishnets seriously twerking on top of the bars. Things you'll see at Capone's that should probably make you question life a little: old dudes in fedoras standing on top of VIP tables throwing promotional items into the crowd, wobbling drunks leering with predatory eyes at young women, and wads of cash raining over the asses of the girls in fishnets seriously twerking on top of the bars. No, Capone's is not a strip club, but it does sink to a similarly low moral standard. Either way, it's worth stopping in once in a while along your usual bar-hopping route of downtown Fort Lauderdale; the doorman will let you pour your outside drink into a plastic cup rather than throw it out, and the go-go dancers and laser lights will entertain you for at least a few minutes. There's also usually no bathroom line, which comes in handy after a stop at Fat Cat's next door.

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