Edelweiss Bakery

When you're craving a pork schnitzel or strudel, where do you go? If you like authentic German and live in South Florida, the answer is probably Edelweiss Bakery off Commercial Boulevard in Fort Lauderdale. Equal parts bakery and deli, here you can find everything from pastries, cakes, and cookies to fresh-sliced smoked turkey, jagdwurst, and a kasseler-style liver pate, this establishment might quickly become your go-to for a handsome helping of German Gemächlichkeit. Chef-owner and master baker Wilfried Kohler and his staff are said to work all through the night to offer patrons the varied array of fresh-baked goodies displayed in a long glass case each morning since the place was established in Walk through the lace curtain-covered front door and you'll take in the aromas of beautiful brown breads, fruit-filled strudels, giant pretzels, and a near perfect German Black Forest Cake. It may come as no surprise that Kohler, a native of the Black Forest region of Germany, is best known for baking up the region's best offerings; the chef learned to cook in Germany, working as a pastry chef for Marriott. If you go, grab a seat in the cafe that adjoins the bakery and be sure to order a loaf of the dark cracked rye bread, a slice of rhubarb cheesecake, a pork schnitzel sandwich, some frikadeller dumpling meatballs, and a few slices of German cheese known as harzer case.