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Tabatha Mudra

Fernanda's International Market

Tabatha Mudra
Fabulous Fernanda's isn't only the best gourmet market around; it also sells huge, deluxe sandwiches for lunch, the kind of serious fuel you need to keep you slogging through another six hours in the old cubicle. Muffelettos are made on homemade ciabatta bread, stuffed with many inches of paper-thin salami, ham, cappacola, and provolone, tarted up with a good swipe of olive salad. Or spring for a roast pork sandwich with "secret spices" and barbecue sauce. Or a Greek sub piled with turkey breast and roasted peppers. Then there's the Cuban sandwich, the Serrrano ham sub, and an olde English cheddar, ham, and pickle roll. Sandwiches are around $10 and big enough to feed two. A case of prepared foods offers empanadas, frittata, fried tortellini, prosciutto pasta salad, split pea soup, stuffed grape leaves, and marinated artichokes priced by the pound.