Five Guys Famous Burgers and Fries

Tabatha Mudra
Across South Florida -- and much of the nation -- Five Guys' famous burgers have been making headlines. Touted by many a city paper as the best burgers ever flipped into existence, these thin, griddle-cooked patties certainly out shadow the menu's other option: hot dogs. The daily-ground beef is lightly packed and grilled to a savory, caramelized crunch, then stacked into twos and loaded between sesame-seed bun. The meat's pretty good, but the toppings are where it's at. Choose to load your greasy gut bomb "all the way" if you so desire, a selection of eight out of 15 available toppings that include grilled onions and mushrooms or bacon, steak sauce, and pickles. They're best following a handful of the house roasted peanuts (trust us, you'll need them to stop salivating while you watch your burger cook up at the open kitchen). For a final touch, go for an order of fries; giant bags of spuds are displayed in the front of house, fresh-cut into skin-on fries daily, and cooked in a tasty peanut oil before they're topped with salt, a choice of Cajun seasoning, and handed over in brown paper bags. Read more.