Galleria Gilda

Painting Classes - Season Class Schedule at the Galleria Gilda, Lake Worth, Florida Starting November 2, 2016 New classes for the coming season COMPLETE INFORMATION LOCATED at! 8 Sessions Classic Watercolor Still Life Class: $140 Every Wednesday from 2-4pm. - This beginner class will help you capture the essence of a colorful still life, using floral and fruit, making an ordinary kitchen scene warm and exciting. Explore the options of realism and expressionism as you learn to loosen up and paint your feelings. 8 Sessions Abstract Acrylic Class: $140 Every Wednesday from 6-8 pm. - This entry-level class will help the student become comfortable painting abstractly. The class will focus on color, line and texture, and students will paint an abstract, or semi-abstract painting using acrylic paint, texture devices, and other interesting techniques that will result in a finished product worthy of hanging. 8 Sessions Saturday Sketch group: $140 Every Saturday from 2 – 5 pm. - Like to sketch? Enjoy sketching in a group setting where participants will be able to share ideas, get advice and adopt new techniques while sketching a single theme over a few weeks time, or a new theme every session.