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Hi-Life Cafe

The name makes one think of a roadside diner, or maybe a neon-lit tavern. Instead, the Hi-Life is haute cuisine by candlelight, possibly the most genuinely romantic restaurant in Fort Lauderdale. Chef Carlos Fernandez, a wildly creative guy to be sure, crafts a dynamic menu that's almost as fun to read as it is to eat from. Hi-Life's wine list is similarly extensive and unique. Some of the most successful dishes are basically newfangled takes on familiar comfort foods. New York strip steak and mashed potatoes is utilitarian and user-friendly - but Fernandez will try something crazy, like cloaking the meat in smoked blueberry purée. His Latin roots creep into the American plates too, like a roasted pumpkin soup that shows up laced with chipotle and queso fresco. It's one of the most perfect date restaurants around because it feels like everything's meant to be shared: Appetizers come in two sizes (don't miss the tamarind-sauced tenderloin tips), which makes it easy to do. Fernandez loves to surprise his guests with the unexpected, so a meal at Hi -ife usually has an intimate, theatrical edge.