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Latin House Grill
Five years ago, the name Michell Sanchez would have meant nothing to a South Florida foodies. Today, they know the Latin House Grill chef-owner for more than just a restaurant, and a menu. Many of them are his followers -- patrons from the Miami food truck, where he got his start. They are still obsessed with the dishes that made him famous: giant, deep-fried burritos, specialty flattons, or brownies fried in dough and smothered in a sweet, condensed milk. Today, Broward County residents can discover these dishes -- and the chef behind the creative, Latin-inspired menu -- at Latin House Grill in Pembroke Pines. To this day, family is a big part of the food here. Sanchez's mother continues to prepare many of the menu items fresh each day, as well as the sofrito (a recipe even he doesn't know). His sister hand-rolls each brownie for the restaurant's popular balls of fury dessert. Still, the quintessential Latin House dish remains the "mad love" burger, a shout to Sanchez's favorite WuTang song lyrics. Today, the chef says it's a term he uses to describe how he feels about everything in his life. Indeed, there's nothing but love when it comes to the food here.