McFatter Techncial College and High School

The vision of McFatter Technical College is to change the lives of people from all backgrounds through innovative education by promoting excellence in academic, career and technical studies in order to prepare students to enter and remain competitive in a global workforce. McFatter Technical College and Technical High School is committed to providing a quality education for all students. The college encourages academic and technical curiosity, innovation and creativity by providing rigorous academics and state of the art technical programs. Our postsecondary students are prepared to meet the challenges of a demanding local workforce, and our secondary graduates are equipped with the knowledge and skills for success in a four year university, a community college or an elected technical area. We reinforce our caring philosophy by setting common goals for all students while providing the personalization necessary to allow for flexibility in meeting their goals. We emphasize the importance of providing students with the tools to make them resourceful, analytical and productive members of society. As a technical college with a technical high school, we seek to meet the needs of students of all ages and to promote positive relationships among parents, students, teachers, business leaders and all community stakeholders.