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Purely Pressed

Purely Pressed Juice Co. in Fort Lauderdale is a unique approach to the average juice bar. The way they make and sell their cold-pressed, bottled juices stems from supply and demand: They only make what they plan to sell each day, so juices are always super fresh. Co-owner Alan Potrzuski offers a short menu of vibrant-hued juices priced at $8 each. Popular concoctions include the Farmer's Basket (kale, spinach, cucumber, celery, lemon, and apple) and Summer Harvest (pineapple, orange, ginger, cucumber, strawberry, and chia seeds) or the occasional seasonal special rife with the freshest local produce available. Like many area juice bars, Purely Pressed also serves vegetable- and fruit-packed smoothies, locally roasted Calusa coffee, and organic vegetarian and vegan eats.Read our full review.