Quickie's Burgers & Wings

Quickie's, an old-time drive-through with locations in Pembroke Pines and Hollywood, has a unique approach to burger making. All of its one-third or half-pound patties are cooked over hickory to give them a smoky, wood-fired flavor. Those juicy burgers are then topped with onions crisps and Quickie's own special sauce, a spicy mayo-based sauce with plenty of tang. The burgers aren't the only good thing there either. Quickie's wings are fresh and perfectly cooked with an assortment of homespun sauces like vinegary golden BBQ. And even though it's essentially fast food, everything from the crunchy fries with seasoned salt to the mahi-mahi sandwiches are made in house daily. The staff is friendly and both restaurants are done up in green and blue to resemble a classic burger joint. For the truly brave, Quickie's even serves what it calls the Mother of All Burgers. It's a pound of beef with the cheese cooked inside the meat, topped with Quickie's sauce, onions, and French fries. Good luck with that.