Seminole Truck Stop/Cafe 27

The Seminole Truck Stop, located at the far western part of Broward County at the edge of the Everglades, is “in the middle of nowhere,” as owner Juan “Chuchi” Daniel admits. But throughout the week, hundreds, if not thousands gather here for various late night parties under an out-of-place tiki hut. Endless rows of bikes can be found every Thursday. Fridays are Latin night. Wednesday and Saturdays are for South Florida's massive Caribbean community. The party doesn't really get hopping until 11 p.m. Or later. In between the drinks and thumping dancehall music, be sure to grab some of Lenox Frater's jerk. It's his mom's recipe. “All Jamaican boys are taught how to cook,” he said. The spicy, smoky hunks of pork or chicken are perfect thing for a late dinner. The sticks of sweet fried bread are what you'll need to soak up a few drinks after a long night.