Taverna Opa Hollywood | Hollywood | Greek, Mediterranean | Restaurant

Taverna Opa Hollywood

Neighborhood: Hollywood
Taverna Opa has been the go-to Greek party in Lauderdale and Hollywood for many years, a bacchanalian blowout of belly dancers gyrating on tables, smashed plates, flurries of thrown paper napkins and gallons of retsina, along with delicious Greek specialties ranging from grilled prawn to crisp fried rounds of zucchini sprinkled with cheese and served with skordalia, steamed wild greens soaked in olive oil and lemon, classic spanakopita (spinach pie), tender roast lamb, moussaka - and gorgeous if occasionally overburdened waiters. It's a pit stop for the jet set, who pull their yachts up to the docks right next to the outdoor tables or park their porches in the lot. Great location for large parties.