Tee Jay Thai Sushi | Fort Lauderdale | Sushi, Thai | Restaurant

Tee Jay Thai Sushi

Neighborhood: Fort Lauderdale
Tee-Jay Thai Sushi has a menu as big as the Gulf of Thailand: There are six or so sections of Thai and Japanese appetizers like summer rolls wrapped in rice paper, salads with beef and lime, gyoza filled with minced meat, and tataki tuna seared on the grill; a huge selection of stir-fried noodle dishes with shrimp and chicken, some spicy some sweet; more than a dozen designer house maki rolls done up to look like sea monsters; and enough classic dishes like pad Thai and mee-krob to keep you occupied for days. Service is informal and often hurried, and consistency varies, but for an all-purpose Asian joint, Tee-Jay in Fort Lauderdale delivers.