Tel Aviv Restaurant

Yes, it's your neighborhood strip-mall falafel shop, a humble abode with posters of Tel Aviv on the walls and fresh Middle Eastern fare on the menu. Full dinners are available, including lamb chops, whole fish, and T-bone steak, but Tel Aviv is most satisfying as a soup, sandwich, and salad-bar experience. A mild-mannered homemade split-pea soup, full-bodied but not too thick, is a good place to start. Sandwiches encompass the usual suspects such as hummus, falafel, and a shawarma, featuring moist shreds of spit-roasted chicken or lamb, all of which can be topped off with a small but colorful selection of vegetables at the salad bar - pickles, olives, beets, pickled turnips, marinated cabbage, eggplant, and a small dice of tomato and cucumber. There's nothing at Tel Aviv you haven't seen before at other pita parlors, but the food is freshly prepared and eminently affordable.