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Photo courtesy of Thai Me Up.

Thai Me Up

Photo courtesy of Thai Me Up.
Locals love Galanga, as much for the beauty of the space and the occasionally wild scene as for its Thai and Japanese food, which can be uneven. But Galanga is worth a visit for its heady atmosphere and terrific décor -- a gigantic saltwater fish tank, serene blue mood lighting, carved wooden screens, high beamed ceilings, and a lovely outdoor patio surrounded by tropical foliage. The staff here -- the women dressed in Thai silk skirts -- can be marvelous. The clientele skews heavily gay, all the better for a party. As for the food, we have a feeling your experience may feel a little random -- we've had some excellent meals (sea bass grilled in banana leaf; dancing lobster) and some entirely forgettable (a plate of hot, uninspired assorted appetizers). House specialty rolls tend to be of the cooked and fatty variety (and they're huge) as opposed to the fresh raw tidbits you might find at more authentic sushi bars, which doesn't mean they're not delicious.

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