Thai on the Beach | Fort Lauderdale | Thai | Restaurant

Thai on the Beach

A spot-on Thai eatery that requires you to look in all directions: Up, so you can find it on the second floor (over Primanti Brothers Pizza & Grill); out, so you can gaze at the unexpectedly stunning view of the Atlantic Ocean from the restaurant's multitude of bay windows; and down, so you can appreciate the medley of spices and flavors crowding the table. Dishes marked with asterisks are, to chef-owner Wannapa Eapros' credit, appropriately zesty, so don't be surprised when the Thai Beach beef salad with chili paste sears just a touch and the tom yum goong soup cures your most recent cold. Curries and noodle dishes are especially good here, and Chef Wannapa Eatros's specialties such as the seafood stir-fry are both generous and delicious.