Thai Thai

Back in 1989, when Thai Thai first started slinging mee krob and pad Thai to the West Plantation crowd, it was breaking new ground. The restaurant won a slew of accolades in the mid-1990s, and as recently as 2007, it was named Best Thai Restaurant by the Best Of South Florida guide. But while Broward has grown - and much of that broken ground has been leveled off and built upon by more progressive Thai restaurants and fusion joints - Thai Thai has pretty much stayed the same. As a result, the menu feels staid and generic. It's composed almost exclusively of now-familiar dishes like red, green, massaman, and panang curry; steamed dumplings, satay, and spring rolls; and over a dozen chicken, meat, and seafood dishes done with your choice of sauce (basil, sweet and sour, curry, etc.). You could close your eyes and pick a dozen Thai joints out of a hat and receive identical dishes at any of them. The prices too are ageless, which means you can still get whole, fried snapper done volcano style (a chili-soy sauce that's not hot enough) for $19.95.

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