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The Knife Argentinian Steak House

Sure the Knife has a salad bar, vegetables, pasta, and the like. It's got pork too, along with chicken if you're in a fowl mood. But this Knife is meant to slice through red meat. We're talking brisket, roast beef, flank steaks, T-bones, ribs... all things bovine. Great cuts (many of which aren't available at other Argentine eateries), great taste, and best of all, it's an all-you-can-eat deal. Which means for dinner, you just plunk down $25.45 (Monday through Thursday -- on weekends, $2 more) and eat meat until your arteries crystallize, your heart palpitates, and your digestive system grinds to an oh-so-satisfying halt. Our only regret is we don't have four stomachs like our big, dumb, delicious friends.