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Udipi Cafe

Our version of the national South Indian chain, Udipi serves exotica like the mildly sour iddly, steamed rice and bean-flour cakes dipped in yogurt/coconut chutney and lentil sauces; the vada, fried lentil doughnuts; and paneer pakoras, fingers of homemade cheese in chickpea sauce. There's "street food" like stuffed puris filled with potatoes, rice, onion, tomatoes, and cilantro and a full list of dosai, some as long as a grown man's arm - enormous rice, bean flour, and cream-of-wheat crepes to pull apart and eat with sambar and chutney. You'll see the gigantic puffballs of filled baturas going by and the house specialties, like pesarat uppuma made of ground moong dal, rice, and cream of wheat with onions and chilies. It's almost impossible to stagger away from Udipi having spent more than 15 bucks, making it one of Broward's most interesting cheap-grub destinations and an absolute paradise for teetotaling vegetarians.