10 Most Peaceful Songs, Inspired by World Meditation Hour

You need to chill. No doubt about it. Look at those bitten fingernails, bloodshot eyes. You're worried about your dog's teeth, Syrian refugees, the Ogallala Aquifer. There is no end to the things worth stressing.

Instead of worrying your way through yoga this week, head to Young Circle this Sunday for a global mediation for world peace. World Meditation Hour -- during which you meditate on world peace -- launched in 1978, but Hollywood got in on the action in May. You'll spend an hour on Father's Day along with mediators in over 90 countries, reflecting on "collective inner worlds" they say.

To get you pumped, or deflated or whatever, for the event, we put together 10 of the most peaceful songs we could for one of the most calming playlists of all time. Namaste.

10. Bjork - "Undo"

Vespertine is one of the most trance-inducing albums of all time. Each song is a lullaby. Bjork handles your metal state like a mother would her wanted newborn. A perfect song for insomniacs.

9. Bob Marley - "Chances Are"

Sadness becomes total peace in this perfect song.

8. Braids - "Lemonade"

A friend's mixtape first introduced us to this song years ago, and we melted instantly upon hearing it. In "Lemonade," these three Canadians control your relaxation entirely. Raphaelle Standell-Preston's breath and voice soar and plummet, dragging you from your body to an otherworldly dimension.

7. Animal Collective - "Leaf House"

Braids takes from the volume control and panting of Animal Collective. "Leaf House" always reminds us of Shortbus which isn't the most relaxing movie, but which results in a totally peaceful finale. This song brings you on a journey of calm.

6. Kendrick Lamar "Bitch Don't Kill My Vibe" (Madeaux Remix)

Bitch, don't kill Kendrick Lamar's vibe!

Madeaux -- who'll be making an appearance at Miami's the Stage, July 10 -- took that vibe and chilled it with this remix. You'll be drooling in your sleep by the time the song ends. Sit back and groove.

5. The xx - "Infinity"

The xx's eponymous debut is as soothing as Bjork's Vespertine but a hell of a lot more sexy. This is a song for late afternoon lazy lovin'. Get to it, young pervs.

4. Mark Isham - "Something Nice for My Dog"

Isham's canine-inspired track off of Vapor Drawings is mad zzzzzs inducing. Do not play while driving or tweeting.

3. Patience and Prudence "Tonight You Belong to Me"

Yeah, it's a little racy, but who cares. This song is peaceful. For one night, you get to be with the one you really love. That night is better than all other nights, it is the time you can kick it with the one you can kick back and relax alongside.

There's also the Steve Martin and Bernadette Peters version from The Jerk, but that one gets a little upbeat with a momentary trumpet blow at the end.

2. Durutti Column - "Sketch for Summer"

Bringing it back to Relaxation Town with this peaceful number that sounds like it gave birth to most indie music made in the past 20 years.

1. Joanna Newsom - "Swansea"

This is possibly the most peaceful tune of all time. We're actually falling (yawn) asleep as we... Zzzzzzz.

Global mediation for world peace, 6 to 7:30 p.m., Sunday, June 16, at Young Circle

1700 Young Cir, Hollywood.

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