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25 Best South Florida Rappers of All Time: From 10 to 6

We're getting close to the end, folks.

So far, you've gotten a taste of the slow-grinding, culo-clapping fiesta that is the South Florida rap game.

As we now lightly-tread the first half of the top ten, prepare for tremendo slow-grinding. We are the strip club capital after all.

Check the cut for numbers 10 to 6 in County Grind's 25 top South Florida rappers of all time.

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10. DJ Laz

Hometown: Hollywood

Style: Latin booty bass

Hands down, DJ Laz es el rey de Miami ("the king," for all you gringos). Young chongas insist the crown belongs to Armando Christian Pérez, a.k.a. Pitbull, but let's break it down on the real. Laz branded "Miami's Party Station," Power 96, and the lionized DJ Laz Morning Show catapulted the Pimp with a Limp to spearhead his own spot on the bi-coastal DJ 106.7. But those true to the Dade, white, and blue know Lazaro for "Oye Morena," his Latin horns-infused booty bass anthem. There isn't a quinceañera or a confirmation across county lines that won't end the night with his hip-thrusting mantra: un dos, un dos tres!

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