25 Best South Florida Rappers of All Time: From 20 to 16

Yesterday, we kicked off our list with "Get Fucked Up" party boys Iconz and reminisced to the Buckwheat Boyz's "Peanut Butter Jelly Time." Experimental rap reared its funny head with newbies SpaceGhostPurrp and Robb Bank$.

Today, we've thrown a few SoFla party rap big shots and classic Miami bassheads into the mix.

After the cut, catch numbers 20 to 16 in County Grind's 25 Top South Florida rappers of all time.

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20. MC Luscious

Hometown: Miami

Style: Cocksure but cute

This Magic City-based performer contributed to the explosive Miami bass scene with a slew of records in the '90s. But MC Luscious accomplished one major feat: The "Boom! I Got Your Boyfriend" rapper made being a homewrecker cute. Check out that adorable crop-top/blazer combo!

19. Smitty

Hometown: Little Haiti

Style: Clandestine and catchy

In 2005, everyone was repping diamonds on his neck. Thank Smitty, the Little Haiti rapper/ghostwriter who released an eponymous single, with Biggie Smalls-echoing "Talkin' Pails of Green," over a smooth, hip-swaying beat. And there wasn't a school dance in the 305 that didn't bump Nelly, P. Diddy, and Murphy Lee's "Shake Ya Tailfeather" or B2K's "Bump Bump Bump." Yep, Smitty wrote them both.

18. Gunplay

Hometown: Carol City

Style: Cocaine

No, but really, though, Gunplay don't play. Dude's been arrested on charges of armed robbery and aggravated assault with a firearm. He has a swastika tatted on the back of his neck. And he started selling and using cocaine at 16. But the Maybach Music Group affiliate's critically acclaimed coke-obsessed mixtape, 601 & Snort, and his confessional verse on Kendrick Lamar's thought-provoking opus "Cartoons and Cereal" prove he's channeled struggle and pain into solid lyrical bravado. Like he raps on the latter: "Salt all in my wounds/Hear my tears all in my tunes/Let my life loose in this booth for you/Mufucka, hope y'all amused."

17. Flo Rida

Hometown: Carol City

Style: EDM-hop

When mainstream radio got wind of the phrase "Shawty had them Apple Bottom jeans/Boots with the fur," Flo Rida blew the hell up. "Low" solidified the brawny Carol City boy as boogie-rap gold (the former, and Flo's David Guetta-backed "Club Can't Handle Me" are dance film franchise Step Up anthems). And though he's often chastised for capitalizing on the EDM trend (EDM-hop?), Flo Rida makes people feel good (and loose) at the club. Don't forget his latest track with fellow 305-er Pitbull, the revelatory white-girls-got-ass "Can't Believe It." Flo, you get an "A" for experimentation.

16. Ace Hood

Hometown: Deerfield Beach

Style: Screechy, quick-spitted bangers

Broward County is often written off as Dullsville next to its swankier, scantily clad cousin, Miami. But "Bugatti" rapper Ace Hood reps the 954 all day, er'y day. On "Broward County Anthem," he affirms, "I'm so 9 to 5 4," and then names himself the "Broward County savior." Before hopping on DJ Khaled's We The Best Music Group wagon, Ace "was back in Deerfield, giving momma heart attacks." We appreciate your honesty, Ace Hood. Unlike many South Floridians who insist they're from Miami (but really hail from Coral Springs, Boca, Tamarac, or the like), you ride or die for BroCo.

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