3OH!3 Release Music Video for "My First Kiss" Featuring Ke$ha; Playing Pompano Beach Amphitheatre June 8

Crunkcore pop lovers 3OH!3, playing the Pompano Beach Amphitheatre with Cobra Starship on June 8, have just premiered their music video for their first single "My First Kiss,"  featuring gold-lipped hot mess Ke$ha. It's off of their new album Streets of Gold, set to be released June 29.

We expected it to be less taxidermied wolves, grandparents and 40 year-old-virgins, and more full-on makeout sessions, but maybe that's just us. We've never had first kisses that included any of those. Digging all the neon backgrounds and the simplistic backdrop, but can anyone tell us what those stuffed, wolf-looking animals are doing there?

See the video after the jump.


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