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Antipope: Remembering Dan Hosker Through Music

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We in the South Florida music community are saddened by the loss of our brother and local guitar legend Dan Hosker this past weekend. It is becoming increasingly tougher to express the communal sorrow of family and friends within these digital pages, even though both Hans Morgenstern and I have attempted. 

But in the words of his longtime friend and fellow Holy Terror William Trev, "Personally, I cannot even begin to explain how torn I've been. My heart is literally pulverized into dust. This has changed our lives forever, as for many of us, seeing him go so quickly is sure to be one of the most devastating losses and experiences we will know. And yes, we can rightfully be very sad for ourselves as well for being forever deprived of his warm, jovial, ever-glowing presence and his mystifying, prolific talent."

This statement came from an email Will sent out to friends and fans, and I can't agree more. Dan Hosker was a remarkable musician and a friend of many who lived for the music, and his music was South Florida. The only thing I can add, bittersweet as it may be, is that Hosker left behind a beautiful legacy of recorded music for us to enjoy.

While you might know him from the Terrors, Boise Bob & His Backyard Band, Harry Pussy, and Laundry Room Squelchers, Dan was also involved in some decidedly funky, freaked, and fucked, acid-jazz, avant-garde experimentation with drummer Justin Wierbonski, bassist Henry Rajan (Out of the Anonymous), and producer Gerard Klauder.

Click here for a free download of their nine-track effort as Antipope, dating back to the wild spring of 2000, a year filled with promise and anxiety -- two things these guys captured well in these short instrumental pieces that I can only describe as Latin jazz 1960s lysergic space jams.

Artists never die as long as their art is with us.

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