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Audio Junkie Starts New Music-Focused Zine; Florida Rejoices

For over a year, Audio Junkie's DIY documentaries have been spotlighting butt-loads of up and coming musicians from in and out of South Florida. The episodes, ranging from 6 to 18 minutes, are filled with live performances, interviews, and home-brewed animations.

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Currently, the series is in its second season. Miami psych crooner Ricardo Guerrero, This Heart Electric, is the fifteenth act slated to be featured by brothers (and Jellyfish Brothers) Greg and Eddy Alvarez, and their creative team.

Last Art Basel in Miami, the boys threw a party at their apartment in Wynwood. Plenty of groups featured in the series showed up to perform, along with old friends, fresh faces, and Sonic Youth's Thurston Moore.

Advertising for the event prompted the boys to create a zine to showcase local artists through yet another medium. Contributors include local musicians like Hollywood metal band Orbweaver's Randy Piro, Broward's sexual saxophonist Kenny Millions, and Miami music legend Amanda Green.

Greg Alvarez let the proverbial dogs out on what we can expect from upcoming issues.

New Times: In your own words, what kind of content makes up the pages of the Audio Junkie Zine?

Greg Alvarez: Anything from crossword puzzles, interviews, reviews, papers on technology and sound, gossip, comic strips, etc. We are open to include anything in the releases.

Was Audio Junkie always supposed to be a multimedia project? Or is this a new idea?

This is a new idea that evolved from us wanting to promote our Art Basel event last month. Instead of a flyer, we printed a zine. We called it a beefed up flyer, but then it opened up a whole new way for people to collaborate with us. It became a whole new way of introducing people to Audio Junkie; something more handmade and personal. We loved it, so we're going to keep on doing it! 

What can we expect from future issues?

We have really no idea at this point, and that's where the fun comes. We never know what we're doing next, and that keeps us wanting to collaborate and continue. For example, Jean Saiz (of Shroud Eater) really surprised us with an amazing comic strip in the last issue.

Where can we pick up a copy?

Right now the best place to get them is at Sweat Records, and at shows. We will be working on printing more copies faster!

Sweat Records is located at 5505 NE Second Ave., Miami.

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