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Best Responses to "Five Things Missing From Fort Lauderdale's Nightlife Scene"

On Tuesday, we published a piece titled "Five Things Missing from Fort Lauderdale's Nightlife Scene," in which I outlined a few ideas I had for improving our city's already pretty impressive music and nightlife offerings. 

Across social media, the response was great! Comments and emails streamed in, showing off the fact that not only do Fort Lauderdale's citizens care a lot about this stuff, but they have some thoughtful ideas of their own, too.

Here's a compilation of some of the best responses we saw to the piece.

"I miss the old Himarshee [sic] with one club - The Edge, surrounded my [sic] homeless people pissing everywhere. Aaaahh the 90s."
 — Jason Yoesting

So true. Growing up in this city I've seen it change so much. The Brightline high-speed rail that's coming is really going to change things. Once Orlando gets connected to that system it's a wrap! Read up on that rail project if you haven't yet!
— Gil Francisco

Cutting Edge Improvised Music...AKA...Jazz. Not jazz nostalgia! Original Rock Bands, Latin Music...actually performed by human beings playing instruments. An acoustic music venue geared towards singer songwriters in a quiet setting. And any kind of music venue that's geared towards LISTENING and actually paying attention to something besides a cell phone or 50 big screen TV's. No DJ's in any of these clubs.
— Maganahan

I totally agree with this, and also why aren't there more places you can eat outside in a beautiful setting that's not the sidewalk or a street or parking lot view, or a super expensive hotel with parking challenges?
— Susan Fox

I'll just say that all of the marketers, promoters, entertainers, and producers are all stuck in their cookie cutter ideas of what nightlife is about. Truth is, the entire scene, where ever you go is just a bunch of people getting shit faced and looking each other up and down. There is nothing intriguing, interesting, new, or different. Just the same cookie cutter shenanigans and entertainment with no care for impressing the customer...

Oh, and night time shuttle's should be provided and sponsored 100% by the bars, restaurants, casinos, and late night venues because a cost effective mass transit system will reduce drunk driving and increase the amount of tourists that come here.
— Ft. Lauderdale Beach Facebook page

A women's gay bar would be a nice addition.
— Erica Latker

A mambos cafe like they have in Ibiza. A great dance scene on the beach with some of the best djs in the world.
— Mykque Tormo

Ft Laud needs a wynwood vibe.
— Lara I. Becker

The city needs more culture. It's a weird mix of people. Beach bums mixed with yuppies and wannabe yuppies.
— Joe Cyclone E
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