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Celine Dion's People Shut Down "Ridiculous Pictures" Site

Canadian songstress (and Jupiter Island resident) Celine Dion is serious about maintaining a nonridiculous image. Her management ordered 26-year-old superfan Nick Angiolillo to take down all the content from his Tumblr, Ridiculous Pictures of Celine Dion. According to Angiolillo's statement, his "blog [was] well within the realm of 'fair use.'" But according to Dion's lawyers, no one is allowed to show pictures of her looking goofy.

That is a really, really damned hard feat to accomplish -- a simple image search on Google for Celine Dion leads to hundreds of photos where she looks ridiculous. Maybe her management should ask her why she always makes such weird faces? They should.

Since Celine is out of the "looking dorky in photos" game, we present to

you some other stars skilled at getting caught looking bad on camera.

Mike D from the Beastie Boys

If Mike D went around complaining every time someone took an unflattering photo of him, there'd be no photos of him from the 21st Century. MCA aged gracefully, AdRock still looks young, but Mike D is showing maximum signs of wear and tear. He doesn't give a shit. So, we can't laugh at him.

Elvis Presley

The King started looking bloated and greasy in his later years. You think Elvis cried about it? No. He'd buy a copy of the Enquirer, dip it in batter, fry that tabloid up, and eat that thing like an elephant ear.

Courtney Love

Courtney Love doesn't care when she looks bad. She seems to understand that an ugly photo of her is directly related to the state she was in when the photo was snapped. She doesn't blame the photographer if she looks weird; she blames it on wearing too much (too little) makeup, being on too many (not enough) drugs, and botox gone wrong. Remember when she tweeted fucked-up shit to Lil Frances Bean? She is crazy.

Jessica Simpson

You thought we'd go with a photo of her when she gained weight, right? She still looked pretty good. Here she is sneezing or having herself a little cry in a windtunnel.

Scott "Creed Dog" Stapp

Even in the photos he is proud of, he looks like a big goon. We just want to hug him with arms wide open.

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