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Chronic Cover Songs for 420: Bryan Wohlust Performs Michael Franti's "Ganja Babe"

Editor's note: If you grew up in South Florida, you've lived a delightfully half-baked existence. You've definitely smoked the stickiest crippy and the worst Jamaican schwag. County Grind got all stoned and thought, why not ask these toasty South Florida musicians to give us a taste of their favorite pot-inspired songs in preparation for 420? This Chronic Cover series introduces you to both songs about weed and local talents.  

Gaining notoriety from its use in the soundtrack of Showtime's herb-heavy serious Weeds, Michael Franti and Spearhead's "Ganja Babe" never attempts to hide its sticky subject matter.  

"Ganja Babe" is, blatantly, an open love letter to the wondrous highs offered by the wacky tobacky. Such an over-the-top ode to the "heavy medicine" that "turns your eyes red" is certainly appreciated in a 420-compilation effort like the one on which we embarked. So, when West Palm Beach singer/songwriter Bryan Wohlust sent us over this brilliant cover of Michael Franti's breezy, carefree jam -- with him whistling to kick matters off -- suffice it to say, we were most appreciative.

"Hydroponic, ultra supersonic," Wohlust keeps it simple, strumming his guitar with lighthearted glee through the entire three minutes and 14 seconds of this smoky ditty. It is quite a departure from the current supergroup project he fronts, Luxury of Company, a funky, neosoul outfit that features members from other renowned South Floridian bands such as Doorway 27, Fire Zuave, Noble Rocket, Luna Rex, El, Marlowe Grey, Nick Eberhardt, and B-Liminal.

Coincidentally, Wohlust has a gig scheduled for 420 at Propaganda with the aforementioned super troupe. More information on that show can he found right here. Wohlust also tells us that he is delving into EDM for the first time in his career, recording a purported "a Portishead-meets-Chemical Brothers" with David Noller from Dynamix II fame.

Get with your ganja babe and enjoy. 

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