Dyna Edyne Embodies Neo Soul in Her New Video for "Go Down"

Dyna Eydne
Dyna Eydne Photo by Brandon Williams
I remember the first time I heard Erykah Badu playing on my mother’s stereo in our little townhouse in Virginia. “Tyrone” echoed through the house while my mom cleaned the kitchen. I couldn’t help but think: Who the hell is Tyrone? Why does he need to be called? But then I became captivated by the sound of Badu’s soothing voice. It rang in my ears even after the song ended. “It’s called soul music,” my mom said. After that, I was hooked.

Today we don’t hear much soul music, especially in South Florida. There are the crowd favorites who give us feathery R&B, such as Vnus Amr and Eyme XY, but nothing of the caliber of Queen Badu. It wasn’t until I discovered Dyna Edyne that the void of soul music in Miami was filled. The 25-year-old Miami Gardens native embodies the sound of soul. She channels Jill Scott and Janelle Monae as inspiration for her neo soul ambiance.

Scrolling through her work, you’ll see videos of her dancing around in her house and singing in her car, as well as a leaf emoji signifying her self-proclaimed nickname, Tree Woman. “It means that I am always growing. It means that I have beliefs and faith and it runs deep into my roots, but like my branches, I am always expanding and growing. Staying true to yourself but also always leaving room for growth is the motto for Tree Woman,” Edyne says.

She follows this earthy setting in her latest video, “Go Down,” a single that doesn’t yet have a home on a future project. It provides reassurance that your life doesn’t suck and you shouldn’t let anything get you down.

“[My video] signifies loyalty and unity, so it has positive affirmations in the song that you can hear, like 'I won’t let you go down' [and] 'Love me now,'” Edyne says. While “Go Down” provides emotional comfort to those going through hard times, Edyne also mediates (probably not to her song). “It’s a great way to remember your roots and why you even exist, not to stress or worry but to love and create. I meditate while rollerblading, and I also dance in my living room as another form of creative expression. It’s a great escape,” she says.

Dyna Edyne effortlessly gives us a great escape and a change in perspective through her video for “Go Down," which is directed by Fxrbes. Through good vibes, a dance routine in a leotard in the middle of the wilderness, and a quick reminder of positivity, Edyne ensures she won’t let you go down.
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