FAT Village Celebrates Day of the Dead; We Remember Musicians Who Passed Away in 2012

Dia de los Muertes gets a lot of respect here in the U.S. Perhaps that's because Hallmark hasn't sinked their cheap teeth into the holiday... Yet. Or perhaps it's because the day is grounded in a Latin American celebration of remembrance of those who've passed, instead of a party atmosphere of getting girls to dress like hoochies and drink like drunks.  

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- Adam Yauch, We'll Miss You, Thanks for Everything

Dia de los Muertes, which has its roots in ofrendas, or shrines made in honor of the dead, is being celebrated, not yesterday, November 1, but tonight in Fort Lauderdale's FAT Village. Locals will take the time to create shrines of their own, a skeleton procession will march, and bands will perform. 

This year, many musicians have passed away, and we'd like to remember a few of them here. Our apologies for skipping right past Whitney Houston, Donna Summer, and Davy Jones, may they rest in peace.   

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Christian Clarke
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