Five Best Miami Sports Team Songs

Another season passed, and another Super Bowl is coming our way. Unfortunately, for the 31st year in a row, there will be no Miami Dolphins in the big game. But don't worry, Miami sports fans; while the quality on the field (or court or ice) hasn't always been first-rate in South Florida, the quality of the music soundtracking the games generally is. Here are the top five Miami sports team songs.  

5. "The Heat Is On"
Whatever you think of the Eagles, Glenn Frey's passing was a sad moment for Miami Heat fans. "The Heat Is On" was originally recorded for the Eddie Murphy movie Beverly Hills Cop, but due to the word "Heat" in its title has been a steady part of Heat games from the team's inception in 1988. Nary a quarter passes without the Heat dancers moving or the mascot Burnie throwing T-shirts to the song. 

4. "Miami U How- Dee-Do"
Also known as the Miami Hurricanes Fight Song, this has been a staple at Hurricanes games through all five of their football national championships. Their marching band, the Band of the Hour, proudly played this for decades at the Orange Bowl and took it up the turnpike to their current home in Miami Gardens. 

3. "Seven Nation Army"
Its presence made you wonder who on the Miami Heat was a White Stripes fan, but somehow this song became the theme for the Heat's "Big Three" years. When ESPN makes a documentary about when LeBron James was a member of the Heat, there will be countless scenes where you hear Miami fans chanting "O-o-o-o-o-ohhhh O-o-o-o-ohhhhh" and you will get goosebumps.
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