Five Best Non-Rap Songs to Twerk To

Let's face it, you don't know how to properly twerk. It's an art form perfected by few and envied by many.

But, you never know, maybe your booty's just waiting on the the right tune to provoke some real twerkage. That being said, here are five non rap songs we think are very twerkable.

Play them loud as you watch that YouTube twerk tutorial in front of the mirror. We know you will.

5. Luke Bryan - "County Girl (Shake It for Me)"

This song is just begging for a twerking. From the scatily clad gals in the video to the lyrics asking those country girls to shake it for Luke, this is a perfect non-trad twerking tune.

No, Luke, we won't shake it for you. But we will twerk it for you.

4. Disturbed - "Down with the Sickness"

Bet you never thought you would see a Disturbed song on here, huh? Well, in case you weren't aware, this tune definitely has twerking potential. With its fast beat and crazy guitar riffs, you'll be rocking that booty King of Diamonds-style in no time.

3. Proyecto Uno - "El Tiburon"

Let's put some Latin flavor on this list. "El Tiburon" is perfect to warm up that twerk in your bum. With its upbeat tempo and hip-shaking lyrics, this is song is a freaking Miami classic. You'll be twerking in double time, so make sure to hydrate before and after.

2. Red Hot Chili Peppers - "Can't Stop"

Speaking of classics, here's one by the sexiest boys of funkin' rock 'n' roll, the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Who doesn't want to shake it fast to Anthony Kiedis' crooning and Flea's bumping bass? Let's see that ass clap, people.

1. Celine Dion - "Because You Loved Me"

... Just because. This track is more of a twerk challenge, and may only be appropriate for the expert twerker. Put a crown on that ass, cause you're raunch royalty if you can bust it out to this one.

You betta twerk:

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