Five Life Lessons Learned from Third Eye Blind Lyrics

Third Eye Blind's self-titled debut, released in 1997 on Warner Music subsidiary, Elektra, was a smash hit by all the regular standards: the record has gone platinum six times, has multiple number one singles, and is the quintessential document of the mid-to-late '90s phenomenon curiously dubbed, "alternative rock."

Despite the marketing context his band was organically branded with, chief songwriter Stephen Jenkins is without a doubt, a pop mastermind. The ultimate proof lies in the subject matter of the aforementioned smash hit album: substance abuse and near-constant romantic turmoil.

Third Eye Blind is a distinct record for many reasons, including, in big part, the production choices salient to radio-friendly rock music at the tail-end of the music industry's big budget boom. The mega-studio approach, and Jenkins' uniquely-voiced songwriting -- simple, though highly-lyrical sentiments garnished with direct poetic flourishes -- render the record's intense account of addiction and discord through immaculate pop sheen.

The end result is a record with its crosshairs on Top 40s charts that also deals in a great wealth of heavy material. With the airwaves saturated by his music, I couldn't help but learn a number of serious life lessons from the trials and tribulations of Stephen Jenkins as told in an genre-and-era-defining album.

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Matt Preira