Fort Lauderdale's Evan Rowe Signs Music Deal, Gets Remixed From New York to Poland

Evan Rowe has been a part of Fort Lauderdale's music scene for over a decade now. If you're a newcomer or a young-ish millennial following music around these parts, you probably know him as the often-tutued half of the cross-dressing outfit Travalonia, a band name that mashes the moniker of his former group Catalonia with the first name of local singer-songwriter and Rowe's musical partner, Travis Newbill.

Catalonia was most active during the early 2000s, with the buzz surrounding the band mainly defining the members as a bunch of intelligent guys with a knack for songwriting. Locals paid attention, but the band never really found a foothold and eventually disbanded in 2008. Rowe still uses Catalonia as a stage name at times, though.

We caught up with Rowe, now an adjunct professor of history at Broward College, known also for his political rabble-rousing, after some of his material was picked up by a publishing company and subsequently remixed by DJs from New York to Poland.

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Erica K. Landau