Freekbass Admits Even His Mom Calls Him Freekbass

Virtuoso is a word that should be used rarely. But when discussing someone that oozes talent and skill like Cincinnati's Freekbass (born Chris Sherman), we feel comfortable applying the noun.

Freekbass is a musician that never stops growing and developing. He's worked with such music gods as Bootsy Collins, Bernie Worrell, and Buckethead. He's wowed festival-goers as an artist-at-large close to home at numerous Bear Creek Music Festivals. He crafted a nearly perfect funk album with his band the Bump Assembly, , and created some pretty funny music videos to go along with the tunes.

The album is a bit of a return to pure funk-roots form for Freekbass, back from the electronic sound he's developed in recent years. Freekbass is looking to bring that heavy funk to Florida for a string of four shows starting off with a pre-New Year's Eve show at the Funky Biscuit that promises to completely bring the house down.

Freekbass took the time to speak with us about his humble beginnings, working with musical giants, and his new album before heading down to the Sunshine State to shows us how it's done in Cincinnati.

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Derek Heid