Gold Coast Roller Rink Closing in Two Weeks

Sad news for South Florida skating fans as the Gold Coast Roller Rink is reaching its last couple of laps as an institution built on diversity, boldness, and the simple pursuit of leisure enjoyment. After more than 60 years at its Fort Lauderdale location on Federal Highway just south of State Road 84, the site is closing its doors.

The site was the setting of Amy Guthrie's 2008 feature "Roller Jam: Every night is '80s night at South Florida roller rinks." Additionally, the space has hosted the Intoxiskate Tuesdays, the Gold Coast Derby Grrls, and countless birthdays and celebrations.

"Yes, it's true," manager Miles Miron confirms to New Times. "The rink will be closing on August 14 after the last session on that Sunday night."

The many members of the Gold Coast Roller Rink Alumni Facebook page have been paying respects since news of the rink's impending closing.

"Yup, it's really the end," says Ryan Conley. He confirms that the rink's last major event is Tuesday, August


for the final Gay Skate. This event had been held every Tuesday since mid-1968, with

minor exceptions for Christmas Eve, New Year's Eve, and a few fires.

"The rink will formally close the following Sunday and is slated for

demolition sometime thereafter," he adds. "Another piece of South Florida history

getting bulldozed."

We will have more information about this later in the week.

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