Heart to Heart's Taylor Stillwell: "We've Grown as Artists"

Hailing from California's Pismo Beach, the guys of Heart to Heart are touring and will soon make their way to Florida, the other sunny state.

New and exciting things have been happening for this punk rock band. Recently signed to Pure Noise Records, guitarist and singer Taylor Stillwell says that the label "takes care" of their bands. "They put an amazing amount of hard work into [it]... We like to think of Pure Noise as the new age Drive Thru Records," he says. "We couldn't be more excited for our debut Pure Noise release to come out this summer."

Stillwell says the band is aiming for this album to surpass their previous work in quality. "We've all grown as artists. We're still going to sound like Heart to Heart but, musically, vocally, and lyrically, this record will be a lot more mature." And this release is also one that they took great care to craft. "All of our songs mean the world to us," he notes, "They were all written for a reason and although some song meanings differ from others, they all hold a certain important value."

Although the Cali band previously toured in Florida, oddly it has trouble adjusting to one of this state's best attributes, "the weather!" says Stillwell. "Being from California, humidity hits us really hard when we finally encounter it. And the ocean water is insanely warm in Florida which is awesome. Other than that, the people are usually cool."

Heart to Heart's new release is set to come out this summer, but right now, he's just enjoying touring with No Bragging Rights. "It's a pretty cool tour being that it's mixed in genres," Stillwell says. "Rotting Out and The Beautiful Ones have their sound and us and No Bragging Rights both are not necessarily 'hardcore' bands, so it's pretty well balanced!" He assures Heart to Heart is "stoked to be on the road with them."

Heart to Heart at the Talent Farm, 20911 Johnson St., #111, Pembroke Pines, on Monday, March 3 at 5:30 p.m. Admission is $14. Visit

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