Peak Drizzy.
Peak Drizzy.
Image via Vine

Here Are the Nine Best Drake #HotlineBling Vines

Because the internet.

Drake's uncanny ability to tap into the universal life source and repeatedly break the internet made us wonder whether he might be Illuminati, but now we realize he's been using the Force all along. 

Tennis and Wii Sports... Drake is channeling two suburban bro pastimes simultaneously here. The puffy turtleneck really brings home the tennis prep vibe of this excellent meme! 

#TennisBling the Pope Redux
More winning.

Why do Drake and Wii Sports go together so perfectly? Total strike!


Just like your tio at the quince.


Ughhh so good!!! Stop!!!

Perhaps our favorite of all, #PizzaBling is almost too much awesome to handle.

Thank you, Drake, for helping keep the internet #blessed. We may now resume our days. 

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