Hollywood's Blast Is Out to Break Hearts and Make Music

Nothing makes a preteen heart swell quite like a boy band. A single boy is a powerful enough force in the life of a 13-year-old girl, but when you assemble multiple boys — who can all play instruments like rock stars and sing like canaries — it's game over.

Bassist/pianist Benji Roberts (17), percussionist/lead vocalist Logan Moreno (14), drummer Antonio Nicasio (17), and guitarist Tristen Serpa (17) make up Blast, a local boy band hailing from Hollywood. The boys, who have a background in musical theater and all contribute vocals, came together about two years ago to create their own pop-rock tunes.

Lately these adorable teens have been hard at work on their first album, Evolution, which should be hitting iTunes in the near future. “The album is something that we’ve been working on for a while now. For me, it really shows us exploring our musical abilities and actually putting them to work. It’s all about this theme of evolution, and I think you can see how we transition throughout the album,” Roberts told New Times.

Once the album has been mastered and released, Blast will be hitting the local scene again with some live shows to showcase its new tunes. But this isn't some corporate scheme where an anonymous record company grabs four handsome young men off the street and makes them sing. These kids are a pretty tight-knit bunch of dudes who genuinely enjoy what they do. “I love making music with these three guys because they’re like my best friends, my brothers,” Tristen told us.

When they aren’t laying down tracks or playing shows, some of the guys still perform in live theater, a passion that brought them together in the first place. An eclectic bunch of kids, Blast's musical tastes vary from showtunes to Journey to rap and even metal.

For now, Blast is pretty content with making the music that they want to make, and that — hopefully — people will want to listen to. Of course, a record deal wouldn't hurt either.

So far, the group has been getting by like many other independent bands, with the help of and T-shirt sales.

As far as its live performances go, Blast likes to deliver with high energy. "We all have a blast," Tristen joked. “There’s no other feeling like walking onstage when we start our first song, and as we get through, we just get more pumped up."

Whether in the studio improvising or jumping on stage in front of rapidly beating teenaged hearts, the guys seem to be enjoying every minute of their flowering music career. The guys in Blast can't wait to see where the future takes them, which — judging by the sugar-sweet melodies and devilish good looks — might very well be glued to the inside of many high school lockers.    

Keep an eye out for Blast's new album Evolution, and show the band some love by donating to its GoFundMe page. After all, the more famous they get, the less likely they are to date your daughter. 

Follow BLAST on Twitter and Instagram like them on Facebook, and keep up with BLAST's music on Reverb Nation, Soundcloud, and Youtube.

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Ashley Zimmerman