Homeward Bound

The ornate, "home life meets night life" opulence of South Beach's Mansion has seen its fair share of DJ-led debauchery in the past two years. Now, after lending its multileveled space for parties hosted by everyone from Jay-Z to Vanity Fair, the Washington Avenue megaclub is unlocking the velvet rope and opening its doors for two of Miami's own.

The name Murk should be instantly familiar to South Florida house music devotees. Composed of genre legends Oscar G. and Ralph Falcon, residents of Space and Crobar, respectively, Murk has been synonymous with the local dance scene mostly through its Murk Records outfit (which houses cuts by Steve Lawler, among others) as well as through individual releases.

With the new single "Some Lovin" in tow, G. and Falcon have not only reunited on wax but they've parlayed their union into the first Murk residency in Miami. Dubbed — what else? — "Made in Miami," the new weekly commenced at Mansion on December 4, with G. and Falcon holding court. According to the duo, the night doesn't just reestablish the Murk name but it more importantly shines a Technicolor spotlight on its Miami roots. "We hope to create something very special and homegrown," G. says. "Ralph and I have been touring the world for many years but have never had the opportunity to build something together at home. We've always been very proud of our Miami history, and this will be our chance to turn a new page." Adds Falcon: "We are and will always be made in Miami."

It just warms the cockles of a clubber's heart, dunnit?

Oscar G. and Ralph Falcon make it in Miami at 11 p.m. every Sunday night at Mansion, 1235 Washington Ave., Miami Beach. Tickets cost $20. Call 305-531-5355, or visit mansionmiami.com.

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Kiran Aditham