Hurly Burly Burlesque: Hairy Men in Thongs (Video)

Manly men with voluptuous guts or superskinny six-packs, hairy chests with tattoos, and full, luxurious beards are as popular as the Harlem Shake these days. This all-natural mountain-man look gestated and was born in hip Brooklyn, presumably as a response to the '90s metrosexual. With the financial downturn, cool guys don't have time for pedicures, so they've become great big sensual bears.

The Hurly Burly Burlesque troupe gets "the new sexy" and is bringing their flat white behinds, clad in thongs to the bars of South Florida for the pleasure of the ladies. We hit up a Hurly Burly event at 5 Points Lounge in Fort Lauderdale a few days back. And what came of our adventure? This crazy video by Jessica Daly with music by the Gun Hoes. Beware, it might get you damp with love sweat.

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