Jason Statham on Parker Co-Star Jennifer Lopez's Butt: "She's All There" (VIDEO)

Mention Jason Statham's name to any breathing lady or gay dude, especially over the age of 30, and they drool, like immediately. That's because the action actor isn't just hot, and British, he's a generally tough dude. Basically, he's the man you wish you gay or straight married.

Statham paired up with the bodacious boricua Jennifer Lopez on their newest film Parker. Filmed in Palm Beach County, Statham and director Taylor Hackford came back to town for the premiere of the film at Muvico Parisian on Friday night. 

Since we are breathing humans over the age of 30, we made our way to West Palm Beach to ask Statham, Hackford, and their fans (you can spot them by their heaving chests) to find out if J. Lo uses a butt double and if Statham is the hottest man ever. 


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