Keep Cool With This Super Hot Playlist of Summer Bangers by South Florida Artists

What is the only piece of art that makes a one-night stand sound like a romantic awakening and paints alcoholism as a spiritual journey? The summer song. A summertime anthem is the only work in the history of music with the power to replicate itself over and over again with no questions asked.

Haters could call them unoriginal. Lovers would prefer to call them familiar. But all can agree they’re here to stay – especially in South Florida, where summer is year-round. We've sorted through the massive catalog and come up with ten of the best-ever summer songs to get you started on your beachside playlist.

Here are a few tracks – both old and new – from South Florida artists to you.

10. Beach Day, “Beach Day”
What better for a beach day than a song called “Beach Day” by a band called Beach Day?

Hollywood-based band Beach Day boasts a classic ‘50s sound with a touch of modern surf punk. The song was featured on a Victoria’s Secret ad for the brand’s 2013 bikini line. If Victoria’s Secret models could make a video in swimwear to “Beach Day," you, ladies and gentlemen, could too.

9. Miami Sound Machine, “Hot Summer Nights”
Not the last ‘80s song on this list.

Led by Cuban-born, Miami-raised singer Gloria Estefan, Miami Sound Machine’s ‘80s pop is known for its Latin fusion. “Hot Summer Nights” is a familiar throwback to anyone who’s seen Top Gun). For South Floridians, an ‘80s-tinged, summer's night ode with a Latin touch is as true to home as it gets.

8. 2 Live Crew, “Coolin’”
We can’t forget hip-hop.

Here’s what comes to mind when you think early Miami hip-hop scene: Uncle Luke. The onetime 2 Live Crew hype man and coproducer brought the group from California to Miami, planting its seeds in South Florida. “Coolin’” samples Young-Holt Unlimited’s “Soulful Strut,” which you probably won’t recognize by name, but trust us – you’ve heard it. The lyrics represent a familiar scene for any South Floridian: “Coolin' in Miami one summer day/Drivin' down the streets along the bay.” Sounds about right.

7. Jacuzzi Boys, “Island Ave”
Because even Iggy Pop knows who they are.

Miami rockers Jacuzzi Boys can rest happy because they opened up for Iggy Pop in April. Garnering attention in all corners of the world, these SoFlo boys have a promising future. “Island Ave” is a fan-favorite from their 2009 album No Seasons, a title that accurately represents South Florida’s climate. Their garage-punk sound calls for a top-down drive through Island Avenue on a breezy summer day – or any day since, again, we have no seasons.

6. Iggy Pop, “Here Comes the Summer”
Because it’s Iggy Pop.

Here comes the summer/Mighty, mighty summer.” That’s actually a lyric. Although it tends to sound like the background of an action-packed junk food commercial for kids, the song features a catchy guitar hook. Iggy Pop can do whatever he wants, so the fact that this song exists is completely OK. In fact, it’s genius. Why? Because it’s Iggy Pop. If Pitbull can commit lyrical homicide on every song known to man, then the adopted Mr. 305 of the rock world can, too. But please, Mr. Pop, don’t give Pitbull the rights to this.
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