Kenny G on Weed, Smooth Jazz Groupies, and Gambling; He Admits "I'm Very Competitive Too"

There's a lot you might not know about Kenny G, the 75-million album selling saxophone player.

He bets on golf, he likes to win, and there's definitely sex, drugs, and rock and roll in smooth jazz.

He's got a show at Hard Rock Live on March 3, and we caught up with him by phone to talk about his new Funny Or Die video, weed, and strip clubs.

Here's what he had to say.

CountyGrind: Ey, I just saw your Funny Or Die video...

KennyG: Yeah?

It was funny.

Yeah, we're gonna do another one.

Are you afraid that you might alienate your whole fan base by having used the word "shit" in there?

Shit? I think they've all heard that word before. I don't think it makes any difference. I think the world has more important things to think about than if I say the word shit. I don't spend the whole day swearing, I'm happy with just playing beautiful music.

I heard you still practice saxophone everyday?

Yes. I do practice 6-days a week, about 3-hours at a time, usually in the morning.

Have you ever played golf against Michael Jordan?

I've played gold in his tournament in the Bahamas, but we didn't play in the same group.

Would you want to?

I would love to, but it depends on the course, on the bet, on a lot of things. But technically, I have a better handicap than he does.

Oh damn. You say you're better than Michael Jordan?
No. I said technically, I have a better handicap, but it doesn't mean I'm gonna win.

I heard he's very competitive.

I'm very competitive too.

Are you a betting man?

I'm a betting man. The most I ever bet on golf was $5,000

How do you like the smooth jazz groupies?

I didn't know there were any. I don't think anybody calls themselves smooth jazz groupies. I don't even know where one would find a smooth jazz groupie.

What do you think about legalizing marijuana?

I dont know. Each state has to make a decision for themselves. To me, it's a decision that I think, it's complicated. I don't know enough about the addiction process, but I know alcohol is legal, so, I'll leave that to the experts.

You ever smoked weed?

I'm not saying anything.

You know the last three Presidents have admitted to smoking right?

They can say what they wanna say. I'm not saying anything

You own a piece of Starbucks right?

Starbucks is a public company and yes, I'm still an investor.

Do they give you preferential treatment to sell your CDs?

No. Sometimes they sell them and sometimes they don't.

What's your favorite strip club in America?

I dont go to strip clubs. I'd rather see a naked woman privately not publicly.

Woah, they got a whole different name for that... What do you think about when Pat Metheny told a Polish TV guy what he thought about your music?

That was 20 years ago. I couldn't care less. I would be embarassed if I was him.

What are you recording next?

I'm gonna do a Latin CD. I'm very interested in that. I like the Cuban, the Brazilian, the Mexican musics, all sorts of different genres

Who is an artist you like?

Arturo Sandoval. He's amazing, he's awesome, he's one of the world's best musicians. We did one song in the past, but I wanna do more

You ever been to Cuba?

I've never been to Cuba, but Cuban music is amazing. I heard that my music is played down there and that they hear my music.

What do you think about that? Do you think it's the government or the people who are playing your music?

I don't know anything about Cuba, but if my music is helping the people feel good then...

Nah, like the Soviet government would use especially instrumental music to control the people and suppress their tendencies to rise up against them. How would you feel if your music was being used that way in Cuba?

If they play it on public broadcast and the people enjoy, it then it's all good.

Would you ever do a Klezmer or Jewish album?

Nah. It has no appeal to me

What about sex drugs and rock and roll, how does that apply to Smooth Jazz?

It all applies.

What about ecstasy?

The feeling? I'm sure people experience it at my concerts. 

Can I email you an idea for a funny video?

I don't want you to email me.

Kenny G. 7 p.m., March 3, at Hard Rock Live, One Seminole Way, Hollywood. Tickets cost between $40 and $75. Visit 

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