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Ketchy Shuby Premiere Bloody Video for "Long Live the King"

South Florida's own Ketchy Shuby debuted their song "Long Live the King" on Record Store Day this year. The band is now, months later, premiering the rather grandiose video for the tune right here on County Grind. Unlike many that settle for the standard performance shots, the men of Ketchy Shuby elevated this funky song with a Tarantino-esque mini-film.

"Long Live the King," which will be released on vinyl next month, is all fun, a little raunchy, and goofily dark. Singer Jason Joshua Hernandez Rodriguez's gravelly voice carries you over the upbeat tropical melody and through the bloody narrative. No one is safe, as the video's storyline has Ketchy Shuby band mates literally killing each other to become the "king."

It showcases the playful side of the band, as all seven members don their signature suits and take turns offing each other in film noir fashion. There is a self-deprecating and humorous vibe throughout, as Miami landmarks float across the screen.

So who will emerge victorious in "Long Live The King?" You'll just have to watch the video to find out.

Ketchy Shuby's new album Still Making It Look Easy drops in October, but check them out at these August gigs to hold you over: August 10 at Bardot, August 15 at The Stage, and August 18 at the Green Room.

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