Lazer Puzzy'll be doing Kismet right this weekend.
Lazer Puzzy'll be doing Kismet right this weekend.
Dave Earley

Kismet Vintage Turns 7 with Burger Records Revolution Worldwide

"Kismet has always been a hangout for local musicians and artists. We've always had local bands play. It seemed like the perfect time to have a big party!" explains co-owner of Delray fashion anchor Kismet Vintage, Aly Gore. She and partner Liam Milano are hosting the store's seven year anniversary in style. Along with California label Burger Records, the shop will be bursting at the seams this Saturday with live music, rare vintage records spun by their favorite DJ, Justin Crumpton of Nightmare Boyzzzz and Lazer Puzzy, a backyard burger barbecue, and a ten dollar sale.

The party is part of Burger Records' Revolution, the label's third worldwide party. So you can enjoy Burger-approved live music at the same time as thousands of other people all over the globe, right at Kismet.

"We asked a few of our friends and everyone got excited. So it's going to be five musical acts," explains Gore -- Pocket of Lollipops, the aforementioned Lazer Puzzy, Sweet Bronco, Clvb Drvgs, and the newer to the scene Boy Orbison.

Use this to find your way to the party.
Use this to find your way to the party.
Liam Milano

A ton of local and national acts have played, recorded, or collaborated on projects at Kismet. Two years back, they also co-hosted a seriously memorable event at house-turned-restaurant, Dada. Cop City Chill Pillars played a Velvet Underground cover set with Lars Finberg of the Intelligence, Black Seal, Montage, and Beach Day.

But they first got the idea to have bands play in their clothing store because of area rockers New Coke. Milano says, "I shot the album art in the store, using it as a photo studio." Hollywood trio Beach Day wore Kismet duds on its first album cover as well.

"We like having free shows, no pressure to buy drinks, a non-smoking atmosphere, it's also the closest thing to a house party, an intimate gathering of the musical scene in a chill spot," Gore elaborates.

What's particularly atypical for a vintage shop is that Kismet has taken up recording live acts in the space. "When we had our first couple shows, we noticed the high ceilings, clothing racks, Persian rugs, and layout of the store provided a nice atmosphere for sound to travel, and created a clean studio environment for which to record in," Milano explains. They then recorded tracks by Killmama, Sedgwick, Pocket of Lollipops, Milk Spot, Montage, and the Lemons which ended up on compilations.

Clotheshorse or occasional shoppers both will rejoice.
Clotheshorse or occasional shoppers both will rejoice.
Liam Milano

"I started recording and producing bands in middle school and continued through high school and college," Milano explains. Some of these ended up on The Grandma Party and Post Records labels in Orlando. Other sound engineers assisted along the way like Tom Beals and Pocket of Lollipops' Tony Kapel. "The Lazer Puzzy album," which was recorded there, he says, "will be released on CD, cassette, and vinyl once it's done being mixed.

Over the past seven years, the store has thrived thanks to the help of friends. "When we first opened, it was just before the recession. Going into summer and we were fighting an uphill battle from the get-go. We saw ten businesses come and go during our first year on our block," Milano remembers. But support from the community kept their doors open. That and the guy from Collective Soul.

"When Collective Soul came to play Garlic Fest, Ed Roland and his wife kept coming into the shop. He bought my personal Paul McCartney and Wings tie-dye shirt and then wore it that evening onstage."

When asked if they had any tips on shopping vintage, Gore advises, "Be flexible, the more open you are the better. The best deals are when you take something undesirable and make it desirable. Besides being good for the environment, making a dress with a hole shorter or taking the sleeves of a dress that is torn or changing the color... Make something old new again!"

Kismet Vintage Turns 7 with Burger Records Revolution Worldwide

And as far as what to wear to the party or pick up while you're there, "We sell a lot of caftans and jumpers," she says, "any kind of statement piece that you can throw on and be eye-catching." As far as what they're listening to while getting ready, they jam to Lee Dorsey, Thee Oh Sees, the Roots, soul, jazz, garage rock. "A great song from Bowie can have you trying on sequins and dancing around or Rolling Stones and trying on leather jackets."

They both look at this party as a way to say thank you to everyone in the scene who's helped them grow and thrive. And you can always swing by and thank them for helping keep live music strong and stylish in Palm Beach County.

Kismet Turns Seven with Burger Records, 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. March 7, Kismet Vintage, 157 NE Second Ave., Delray Beach. Free event. Visit Facebook.

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