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Lacey Conner's Vocals Too Rough for Lords of Acid's "Rough Sex"

Rock of Love mega-bitch/animal hero Lacey Conner is stepping in as the new female vocalist on Lords of Acid's U.S. tour. Surely, this raised a couple of perturbed eyebrows with fans, myself among them. Conner no doubt exhibits the bravado necessary to perform as frontwoman for the raunchy acid-housers. She's also got the industrial-rock vocal chops -- her band Nocturne has toured with groups like the Genitorturers and Pigface.

But there are crucial songs that Conner's larynx just can't pull off, especially "Rough Sex." And it takes some serious sass to sing songs like "Pussy" and "I Sit on Acid," in which the only lyrics are "I wanna sit on your face." She lacks the requisite sex-kitten vibes, no matter how tall her platform boots are, and the right sense of humor to sing a line like "I bring my pussy everywhere I go." So was this a publicity stunt? See video after the jump:

Obviously her infamy is getting the band's tour attention it normally wouldn't have received. But after the band's eight-year hiatus, LOA freaks are champing at the ball gag to dance to some old-school anthems like "Rough Sex" and "I Sit on Acid." So WTF, Praga Khan?

However, the rest of the lineup bodes well, including guitarist Sin Quirin (Ministry), bassist M3 (Powerman 5000), drummer Kirk Salvador, and of course founding member Praga Khan.

Click here to see how it's supposed to be done.

Look below to hear Lacey:



Lords of Acid play Culture Room on August 5 with Thrill Kill Kult, Blownload, and DJ Deathwish. Tickets cost $19.99, and doors open at 8 p.m.

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