Lil Wayne's Bogey Blunts And Five Other Awesomely Appropriate Pop Star Endorsements

​It's nice to see a celebrity endorsing a product he or she uses on a daily basis. With Lil Wayne as the official face of Bogey Blunts, we get a feeling that this is product he stands behind. It's a brilliant pairing of style and controlled substances.

At the same time, we recently bashed Weezer's poor marketing choices (shilling for State Farm, anyone?). If Weezer's doing it all wrong, though, we thought it would be appropriate to Weezy's true peers, pop stars who really believe in what they're marketing. 

1. Diddy - Ciroc Vodka

After years of unofficially repping Cristal, Diddy realized that if he was going to be shouting out a beverage in every song, he might as well get paid for it. With bottle service being in full throttle at clubs that normally bang his hits, why not get a cut of the drank people are getting tipsy on while listening to his hits?

2. Slash - Black Death Vodka

As a one-time member of the hardest-drinking band in show business, Slash's alignment with Black Death Vodka was the equivalent of Air Jordans. Encased in a coffin and bearing Slash's skull and signature top hat on the bottle, it's just like Michael Jordan's silhouette on the shoes. Both celebrities are both synonymous with their products, and both have used their products in front of thousands of fans. 

3. Michael Anthony - Mad Anthony's Hot Sauce  
Not many people know that Van Halen's beefy ex-bassist Michael Anthony is a hot sauce aficionado. We don't condone judging a book by it's cover, but, the bassist -- who reminds us a lot of Revenge Of The Nerds antagonist Ogre -- totally looks like the type of guy who pours gallons of hot sauce over his steaks, wings and, ice cream.

4. Usher - Pre-paid MasterCard

It's only natural that part-owner of the Cleveland Cavs, head of a new label, and chart-topping R&B singer, Usher, would come out with his own brand of pre-paid debit cards. It's just short of getting his face printed on paper money, but looks a lot more fancy.

5. Willie Nelson - Bio-Willie Fuel

Willie Nelson's been green as long as pot has been green. The exhaust emission of his Bio-Willie Diesel Fuel is significantly less polluting than regular gasoline, just like Willie's natural cigarette smoke is less polluting than factory-made cigarettes.

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