Mask Era and {in-boxes}'s Daniel Elijah Novem's New EP Shows That: "God Is Love"

Daniel Elijah Novem, frontman of {in-boxes} and new Mask Era guitarist, is a hard act to follow. We interviewed him over a year ago, back when he was Daniel Elias Fernandez, and referred to his band, {in-boxes}, as more of "a multimedia collective than just a band," a conceptual project that seeks to explore different themes. This hasn't changed, and Novem's project is more complex than ever. 

Insisting that he's not a skilled musician and instead functions as a storyteller, {in-boxes}'s first release, an EP entitled Nook & Cranny #1- A LOVE Between Frequency & Time (The Analigital Sessions), is indeed a story, one of sleeplessness, growth, and love -- especially the struggle between human intimacy and technology. 

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Released earlier this year, it contains only three songs and spans over forty minutes. It's emotive, earnest, and deliberately unpolished, which, says Novem, represents the honest flaws of humanity. A musical representation of life's nuances has been an ongoing theme with {in-boxes}, but now that they're more grown up, it's taking on different forms. Read about it after the jump.

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Monica Uszerowicz