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MTV Video Music Awards Host Kevin Hart's Celebrity Jokes That Flopped

Kevin Hart is the latest comedian to be crowned host of the MTV Video Music Awards. In the past, this honor was granted to funny folks from Chris Rock to Arsenio Hall to Chelsea Handler, and even to no one in 2007 (#fail). But unlike those other people who actually make us laugh, the 2012 headliner just isn't rubbing us the right way.

In a recent appearance on Good Afternoon America, Hart's lackluster comedic qualities were in full effect. When host Lara Spencer asked how he planned to rev up the crowd at the September 9 ceremony, Hart proudly announced "I'm a sex symbol, so I'm just gonna show up and the crowd's gonna go crazy." Oh, ok. 

The crowd of middle-aged moms in the studio audience seemed to eat it up, especially when Kev chose to do an adaptation of the robot in lieu of answering the question "What are Kanye and Kim like in real life?" offered by Josh Elliot. 

Hart may have cool brag for being buddy-buddy with winners like Drake, Chris Brown, and Ne-Yo, but honestly, what memorable Kevin Hart jokes do you tell at the dinner table? None, right? Yeah, we thought so. Here are five other unamusing jokes the VMA host has in his repertoire.

5. "Canadian paint don't shoot straight."
In a July 27 paintball competition in Drake's hometown of Montreal, according to Hart's twitter post, he and his A-team were defeated. So the "funny" man commented on the queer nature of our northernly neighbors' paint bullets. Just cause it rhymes, don't make it funny. 

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